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YBAA... The Real Deal

by YBAA Executive Director, JP Skov

Maybe you made a conscious decision to become a “Yacht Broker” or maybe it just happened due to your passion for boating? I know that the majority of us end up making yacht sales our career because our passion boils to the surface and our common sense goes out the window. We chase the dream of becoming rich by simply getting a “buyer” and a “seller” to agree on a price for a boat. Then all we, the “Brokers”, have to do is get it on a contract, collect the money and provide the paperwork to transfer the ownership, easy right?

It does not take very long before we realize that what we thought was a very easy path to riches, is a path with many obstacles. Our trade association, YBAA, exits to help us, as sales professionals, navigate through the obstacles. YBAA has been helping us for over 100 years. At that time, they have given us many tools designed to provide a professional service to our customers, the boating public.

We all join for different reasons. The most common answer to, Why Join YBAA, seems to be access to the contract forms. These forms are constantly reviewed by our committee and also our legal counsel, making them a very reliable standard in our industry. Personally, I joined YBAA for the professionalism and creditability that comes from being a member of a long-standing association like YBAA. You hang around for 100+ years, you must be doing something right!

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YBAA Executive Director

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