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Overview of Hull Laminates, Coring & Fiberglass Hull Construction

By David E. Walters, David Walters Yachts, Inc.

David WaltersSolid and cored fiberglass hulls that have been designed and built by experienced professionals using proven materials, resins and procedures provide their owners a low-maintenance, reliable structure.  It is worth asking if the hull laminate, with or without core, was designed to comply with a standard, such as Lloyds or ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) guidelines and if the standard was for inland, coastal or unlimited offshore use.

Boats that are built in Europe or are exported to Europe must meet the EU boatbuilding standards which are defined by the European Recreational Craft Directive, or RCD.  The RCD specifies written and certified compliance with the International Standards Organization's (ISO) boatbuilding standards, which are very stringent, much more so than any standards in the US, and even more rigorous than Lloyds or ABS.

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