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Setting the Standard for Yacht Sales Professionals


The Yacht Brokers Association of America, Inc. – YBAA - was founded in 1920 and exists to unite Yacht Sales Professionals throughout North America in order to: establish, promote and enforce high standards of professional competence, character and ethical conduct; foster public recognition of, and support for, YBAA and its member brokers; facilitate cooperation among member brokers; and, enhance each member's success.

YBAA defines a Yacht Sales Professional (YSP) as an individual who conforms to industry standards of skill, competence and character in service to their clients. As a member of a recognized yacht broker trade association and through continuing education and compliance with established Codes of Ethics, a YSP maintains their expertise throughout their professional career. YSPs may represent a buyer and/or seller as a broker in the sale of a recreational yacht, or may be the representative of a yacht dealer or yacht manufacturer in the sale of a vessel. Those who attain, and maintain, their credentials as a Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) further demonstrate their ongoing commitment to their profession.


  1. Promote the use of, and adherence to, Code of Ethics & Business Practice by all member yacht sales professionals.
  2. Develop and deliver member benefits, training, education and information resources to assist members in improving their professional competencies and enhancing their business success.
  3. Administer, and foster the growth of, the industry's recognized professional credentialing program, conveying the Certified Professional Yacht Broker (CPYB) designation to qualified candidates.
  4. Build positive public awareness of, and support for, the association and its member yacht sales professionals.
  5. Position the association for financial health and growth through building a strong membership base, sound management of the association's fiscal affairs and the development of capable committee and board governance.
  6. Serve as the national organization representing the interests and needs of yacht sales professionals throughout North America.
  7. Develop and maintain strong alliances with organizations that support the mission, goals and efforts of the association.


As amended by the YBAA Board of Directors January 2006


YBAA's team of volunteer elected leaders and professional staff create, deliver and maintain member value year-round.


YBAA honors these dedicated members who have provided leadership and dedication to ensure the fulfillment of the association's mission and goals.



YBAA members can benefit most fully when they: actively participate in association events and functions; utilize the many services and programs available; and, take full advantage of all that YBAA offers. Each of the YBAA member benefits will help you and your firm to increase your professional competence, increase your sales and/or save you money. 


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